A step by step look at the restoration of the Fish from the Braddock Pool. Re-installed Spring 2014

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Frederick Magazine recognizes Diehl Fountains as one of Frederick County's "hidden gems."

In the Works

An old friend returns to the studio for a much needed make-over ... the Fish from the Braddock Pool has enjoyed its 23 year vigil, but the harshness of pool-side living has taken its toll.

The Fish, originally installed in 1990, is a functional work of art serving as a water filler for the pool. Valves in the pump house send water to the Fish to spit into the pool. It's restoration included some reconstruction work and modifications to the base to better integrate into the new edging.

Removed from the pool deck in the Autumn of 2013, the Fish returned on-time for duty for the 2014 Memorial Day Opening. Cast in white sand and portland cement, the fish will continue to be steadfast member of the Braddock Pool's rich history.

About Fountainworks

Fountainworks Studio, owned and operated by Charles Crum, originated from the merger of his experience operating Crum, Inc., a family-owned plumbing and HVAC company and his life-long passion for art and design. Charles' training and talent combine to offer an array of public art design solutions. From functional handrails to whimsical and commemorative fountains, let Fountainworks Studio provide the design and build experience.

Fountainworks Studios works with other designers to create unique water effects and can provide a creative solution that fits the budget. In addition to creating original custom designs, Fountainworks Studios offers fountain restoration.


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