"A Tribute to the Oyster Tonger"

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Frederick Magazine recognizes Diehl Fountains as one of Frederick County's "hidden gems."

Collaborative Works

"A Tribute to the Oyster Tonger"
Annmarie Gardens
Calvert County, Maryland

Created by Toby Mendez, "A tribute to the Oyster Tonger" was Charles' first fountainworks design with another artist.. Dedicated in 1994, the monument is located at the entrance of Annmarie Gardens.

In addition to water cascading from the culling board, water appears to be draining off of the Tonger's latest catch. Working at the foundry and job site Charles installed a pumping system that created the effect that Toby was seeking ... bringing his sculpture of the tonger, an oyster fisherman, to life. The inset image below shows Charles and his father installing in the fountainworks as a crane suspends the sculpture.

"The Warwick Quahogger, A Days Catch"
Warwick Public Library
Warwick, Rhode Island

Designed by Toby Mendez, the fountain features a life-size bronze figure with his tools of the trade and a Labrador Retriever. The 1998 design measures twenty-four feet by sixteen feet with a base made of granite.

The water effects designed include a reflecting pool that gives way to a hidden water falls behind a seating bench. The falls creates a peaceful, serene area near the entrance of the library. Charles designed a hidden pump chamber and utilized two commercial pumps to move the water -- striking a balance that pumped enough water for maintain the falls while keeping the pool still enough for reflecting.

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