A step by step look at the restoration of the Fish from the Braddock Pool.
Re-installed Spring 2014

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Frederick Magazine recognizes Diehl Fountains as one of Frederick County's "hidden gems."

The Fish

An old friend returned to the studio for a much needed make-over ... the Fish from the Braddock Pool has enjoyed its 23 year vigil, but the harshness of pool-side living has taken its toll.

The Fish, originally installed in 1990, is a functional work of art serving as a water filler for the pool. Valves in the pump house send water to the Fish to spit into the pool. Its restoration included some reconstruction work and modifications to the base to better integrate into the new edging.

Removed from the pool deck in the autumn of 2013, the Fish returned on-time for duty for the 2014 Memorial Day Opening. Cast in white sand and Portland cement, the fish will continue to be steadfast member of the Braddock Pool's rich history.

Walk of Fame

Unveiled September 19, 2010, the Walk of Fame greets visitors to the Weinberg Center for the Arts. The Walk of Fame, a mosaic pavement design featuring named bricks and bronze donor stars is located under the marquee.

The pavement is inspired by the mosaic tile design within this 1926 movie palace, now, performing arts center.

Constructed of cast-concrete, brick pavers and cast-bronze, the Walk of Fame is an enduring tribute to the many contributors and fans of the Weinberg Center.
frederick magazine cover
For more information about the "Walk of Fame" or to sponsor a brick or star, please click on the Star and follow the link..

Diehl Memorial

Home Page ImageThe Diehl Memorial Fountains, commissioned by the City of Frederick for the Carroll Creek Park, was funded in part through the generosity of the Green-walled Garden Club. The fountain features a bas-relief of one of Frederick's historic memorials created by Toby Mendez, a pet fountain, and accessible drinking fountains. It captures the look of the original fountain with modern upgrades. The Garden Club unveiled the fountain in 2007. Click the image to view photographs from the unveiling and to learn more about the history and process of these fountains..

The Diehl Memorial Fountains were featured in the Washington Post's Road Trip section "Gone to the Dogs" highlighting all dog-friendly and dog-themed sites in Frederick, Click to download the Road Trip Map.

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