fishHere is a sneak peak at the wax of the new Culler Sundial. The New Arts Foundry in Clipper Heights has cast and finished the bronze.

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Frederick Magazine recognizes Diehl Fountains as one of Frederick County's "hidden gems."

In the Works

At the invitation of the Friends of Baker Park, Charles submitted a proposal for a sundial to be installed on the Lloyd C. Culler dedication bench. When the bench was originally dedicated in 1940, there was a sundial on the southern pedestal and a drinking fountain on the opposite side. The original sundial was damaged and removed decades ago.

Charles’ design, to be cast in bronze, promises to be interactive. The new sundial invites visitors to help complete the sundial in order to determine the time of day.

Dedication of the sundial is anticipated to be early in 2020.

About Fountainworks

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