Dedicated in 1911, the original Diehl Memorial Fountain was located at the corner of Court and Church Streets until it was irreparably damaged by an automobile.

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Creation of the New Fountain

conceptOnce commissioned by the City of Frederick, Charles was tasked with creating a drinking fountain for installation in the Carroll Creek Linear Park. Working from images and a few remaining pieces of the original 1911 fountain, Charles proposed this design which would include a bas-relief created by Toby Mendez..

Keeping with the original memorial's tradition, the new fountain would include a pet drinking fountain and be dedicated to the same ideals. These ideals appealled to the Green-walled Garden Club who generously supported the new fountain's creation..

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Concept sketch by Charles Crum

Diehl Memorial Fountain Unveiled

On July 19, 2007, the Green-walled Garden Club and the City of Frederick unveiled the Diehl Memorial Fountain. Green-walled Garden Club members gather for a photo (below) with the sculptors.

" We are delighted with the design of the new fountain," said Sandra Sayko, President of the Green-walled Garden Club. She added, "We promised to re-pay Frederick for their support of us through various civic beautification projects." The Garden Club will also design, plant and maintain a garden area next to the drinking fountain as they have at the Carillon in Baker Park and many other locations downtown.unveiling

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